Journal of Discourses

Public sermons by Mormon leaders from 1851-1886

Ultimate Victory of the Saints

Remarks by President Brigham Young, Delivered in the Bowery, Great Salt Lake City, Sunday, October 4, 1857.
Reported by G. D. Watt, J. V. Long.
Journal of Discourses

I will say a few words before the congregation is dismissed.

As but few can be in our offices to learn the news that is brought in, I will say that on the 2nd, Friday last, a messenger arrived with intelligence that the soldiers were going up Ham's Fork.

Previous to that I had sent by Lieutenant-General Wells a copy of the Proclamation proclaiming martial law, and ordering the troops not to come here. They treated it as I presumed they would. They say that they are sent by the President, are subject to superior officers, and intend to abide their

instructions; and I expect that they will, until some other power checks their progress.

The brethren are well, and the spirit of peace and contentment rests upon them. They are doing their duties—living to and serving their God.

Keep the “‘Mormon’ creed,” and especially just now in regard to the remarks made by brother Spencer. Some may think they will have to deviate in attending to digging their neighbors' potatoes; but this is now the very business for the brethren to do. This is now their duty, and what the brethren ought to do.

Ultimate Victory of the Saints

I do not know that anybody's heart burns, except it is to get a little nearer to our enemies and for the troops to undertake to come in here. Well, we are in the hands of the Lord our God, and he will overrule things just as he pleases.

Many want to know what the result will be; and they want the Lord to give them revelation. Get revelation, if you can. I have told you before, and I can tell you now, that the result will be that “Mormonism” will be higher and greater in power and influence than ever it was before. Our enemies will sink, while we will increase in power and strength, and enjoy an influence that we never enjoyed before; and the Lord will have his own way in bringing about these things. I know that all will be made right; and an allwise, overruling Providence will bring us off victorious. He has led us to victory and peace, and has given us power and influence that we can sustain ourselves; and

I believe that it is the calculation of all to sustain themselves against all that can come to annoy, destroy, desolate, and drive the Saints of God. God will fight our battles; and he will do it just as he pleases.

You know that it is one peculiarity of our faith and religion never to ask the Lord to do a thing without being willing to help him all that we are able; and then the Lord will do the rest.

The main object I had in coming to meeting this morning was to let you know that my health is better. Last Sabbath I did not think it prudent to come out; but I am at my post, and God is at the helm.

Let us walk in the precepts of our Savior—those that he has marked out for us, and God will bless us; and I bless you, my brethren and sisters, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I mean to save my brethren and sisters, God being my helper. God bless you! Amen.